11 Technology Things That Will Define The Next Decade

We may not be living on Mars or travel to work using jet packs, but there’s no doubt the coming decade will bring many exciting technological advances. In this article, I would like to outline the 11 key technology things that I believe will form the 2020s.

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  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

The rising capability of machines to find out and behave intelligently will absolutely transform our world. It’s also the driving force behind lots of other trends on this listing, than we hope can improve day-to-day life, like having your baby’s crib sheets changed etc.

2. The Internet of Things(IoT)

This refers to the ever-growing variety of “smart” devices and objects that are connected to the internet. Such devices are continuously gathering and transmitting information, further fueling the growth in Big Data and AI.

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3. Wearables and augmented humans

What started with fitness trackers has exploded into an entire industry of wearable technology designed to improve human performance and help us stay healthier, safer, more effective lives. Later on, we might even see people merge with technologies to make“augmented people” or even“transhumans”.

4. Big Data and augmented analytics

Big Data identifies this exponential increase in the number of information being created on the planet. Thanks to augmented data (exceptionally sophisticated data analytics, frequently fueled by AI methods )we are now able to make sense of and operate with enormously complex and diverse streams of data.

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5. Intelligent spaces and smart places

Closely connected to the IoT, this tendency is seeing physical spaces — like houses, offices, and even entire cities — getting increasingly smart and connected.

6. Blockchains and distributed ledgers

This super-secure method of saving, authenticating, and protecting data can revolutionize many facets of company — particularly in regards to facilitating trusted transactions.

7. Cloud and advantage computing

Cloud computing systems — in which data is stored on other computers and obtained via the internet — has helped to open up data and analytics to the masses. Edge computing — where information is processed on smart devices (such as telephones ) — will require this to another level.

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8. Digitally extended realities

Encompassing virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, this tendency highlights the movement towards producing more immersive digital experiences. For instance in real life, if there is ever a situation you may find yourself on a horse, riding it, to get the perfect saddle blankets for which you can easily chose one just by clicking a button on your phone.

9. Digital twins

An electronic twin is an electronic copy of an actual physical object, product, process, or ecosystem. This innovative technology enables us to test out alterations and adjustments that would be too expensive or risky to try out on the real physical object. But for many more years you will probably be able to have your own clone. Maybe he will not like to play starlight kiss slot, but it may be useful to you. We can just guess.

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10. Natural language processing

This technology, which enables machines to understand human language, has radically changed how people interact with machines, in particular giving rise to…

11.Voice interfaces and chatbots

Alexa, Siri, chatbots — most people are now quite utilized to communicate with machines by simply talking or typing our petition, but mostly talking into a device, that look more like a clear bottle than an electric device. Later on, more and more companies will choose to interact with their clients via voice ports and chatbots.

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