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Zastitite se dok skidate sa neta: pro i contra proxyja i HideIP sofwarea...

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« : 29.08.2008, 14:34:12 »

Ne mogu sada sve prevoditi, ali imate sada kako se to lakocom radi preko Firefoxa, pa piciiii... Cool

Google for free proxies [servers].

Go to your Firefox -> Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Manual Proxy Configuration and put the link there, plus give the port you're gonna use.

If I remember correctly, everything slows down aplenty, better SW can still pick you up and... Oh, well...

How about sharing with friends, not naming the stuff its real name, encrypting files and chilling out...  Namigujem

Otherwise use micro torrent and pray... Namigujem

[Oh, yes: there's SW that can test the fastest proxy servers for ya... But using it [the SW] one can still get your IP address... I used it just to test for the fastest proxy servers and then manually added those... Not sure if it actually makes you impervious to good tracers... Š?]





So much people are using Microsoft Internet Explorer to surf on the web. If you are using on the net with Microsoft Internet Explorer you can hide yourself. Anonymous surfing helps you to hide your active-x and java options so protects you from some problems on the net like hacker attacks.

If you want to be anonymous you should do this.

<==PART - 1==>


2-) Sellect your connection at the panel you are wieing
3-) Click "Propeties" like you see it down (In my language AYARLAR)

4-) Enable to use proxy server at your computer like clicking the box like below circuled with black.
5-) Paste your anonymous proxy in to the box circuled with red.
6-) Paste your proxy port in to the box circuled with purple.
7-) Click OK and go back to your explorer page.

Now you are anonymous!!!

You can find free proxies from
. Some proxies will not work so you can check you ip status at

Yes - this is a great way to remain anonymous while browsing, but it could slow your browsing speed down signifigantly as well. You are sending your request through the proxy server, and the proxy server completes the request to the webpage you want, which returns the page to the proxy server, who then returns the page to you. You will be limited to the proxy server's speed - however - many proxy servers are now caching webpages, so if you frequently visit the same webpages, they will load faster and faster.

I guess there is a trade-off choice to make: High speed - vs - secure browsing...

A potential downside:

QUOTE(currahee @ Sep 13 2004, 12:45 AM)
1) Its not illegal. Routers are perfectly routers. Routers are also used in home networks what we call a hardware firewall.
2) I strongly not recommend this as proxies can slow down your network/speed very dramatically.

but they can trace your connection as far as the router..... so for your home network, this is pointless !
true,, they will not know which machine you were using within your house... but, well.. cummon !

and using a proxie you do not trust is VERY VERY STUPID....
it would take me 10 minutes to setup a proxie with a packet sniffer that colletc credit card details, address's, phone numbers, names.....

so think to yourself... WHY is someone rpoviding me with a free proxy... what do they have to gain ?
if your paying for it... okay, but if its free... there could be underhanded things happening.

only an idiot would do this...


Aside from enabling and configuring your browsers to use proxy servers, you can also go to sites that let you surf anonymously. All you have to do is type in the website that you want to go to and it will take you there. Some of these sites are Anonymizer.com, Guardster, WebWarper, AnonymSufen.com, etc. You can search for it in Google. Just type in the keyword "anonymizers". There's even one site, Anonymization.net where you can download a toolbar and use it directly from IE. You just click on the icon and type in the site that you want to go to and click on Go.

When you tried to hide your ip, you will find some things like use proxy programs.

Surfing for tutorials you could get information to use
program. Well, using this program (p2h.exe) make things simple, but but BUT, if you tried to use any download program you shuld verify if this is virus free.

I used
to analyze the file p2h.exe downloaded from
and get the next results:

Motor antivirus Versión Última actualización Resultado
AhnLab-V3 2008.4.1.2 2008.04.02 -
AntiVir 2008.04.02 -
Authentium 4.93.8 2008.04.02 W32/Trojan.ACXG
Avast 4.7.1098.0 2008.04.01 -
AVG 2008.04.01 -
BitDefender 7.2 2008.04.02 Trojan.Generic.156600
CAT-QuickHeal 9.50 2008.04.02 -
ClamAV 0.92.1 2008.04.02 Trojan.Spy-3361
DrWeb 2008.04.02 -
eSafe 2008.04.01 -
eTrust-Vet 31.3.5664 2008.04.02 -
Ewido 4.0 2008.04.02 -
F-Prot 2008.04.02 W32/Trojan.ACXG
F-Secure 6.70.13260.0 2008.04.02 Suspicious:W32/Malware!Gemini
FileAdvisor 1 2008.04.02 -
Fortinet 2008.04.02 -
Ikarus T3.1.1.20 2008.04.02 -
Kaspersky 2008.04.02 -
McAfee 5264 2008.04.01 -
Microsoft 1.3301 2008.04.01 -
NOD32v2 2995 2008.04.02 -
Norman 5.80.02 2008.04.02 -
Panda 2008.04.01 -
Prevx1 V2 2008.04.02 -
Rising 2008.04.01 -
Sophos 4.28.0 2008.04.02 -
Sunbelt 3.0.978.0 2008.03.18 -
Symantec 10 2008.04.02 -
TheHacker 2008.04.02 Trojan/Dropper.Agent.loq
VBA32 2008.03.25 -
VirusBuster 4.3.26:9 2008.04.02 -
Webwasher-Gateway 6.6.2 2008.04.02 -

Información adicional
Tamano archivo: 361818 bytes
MD5: e96e7a78aa29b57e2281a9ddad9e6aca
SHA1: 2877f25961bca8c344c81609e23d81b459f7bc9f
PEiD: ASPack v2.12 -> Alexey Solodovnikov
packers: ASPack

The antivirus programs Authentium, BitDefender, ClamAV, F-Prot, F-Secure, TheHacker said that file have virus like information, now if you tried to hack some paid software you could get tricked.
Here's a site that I use sometimes to change my IP when I go to a website:


It's good for websites where your download limit for your IP has already been hit, and you maybe need to download more files. There are different websites like that; I just found that one by searching through google.

The following urls also provide anonymous surfing for internet users.


Well there is an easier way to surf anonymous. Go on
and there is a checklist there for you to choose what you allow when surfing.



For Linux: [url]http://www.linux.com/feature/135094[/url]

[url]http://www.topshareware.com/Surf-Anonymous-download-15267.htm[/url] - shareware...

[url]http://blogmarks.net/marks/tag/anonymous[/url] - loadsa tools, free...


Btw, I don't do internet banking and shopping... Cool Just in case... Namigujem

« Odgovor #1 : 31.08.2008, 11:26:48 »

Evo vam jos dobrih stvari za proxiranje:


OK, what do you think of this:

- their main site is down at the moment, the academic server might be down for the weekend or summat...


Apparently one can keep signing on and on and all over again [for a "free 30 day trial" time and time again, for testing purposes ] for Relax's services... Daju vam kao "stvarnu" Svedsku adresu... Namigujem


True?  Cool
« Odgovor #2 : 01.09.2008, 01:59:16 »

Pity the original website is down ATM - but...


Feature: Privacy
Anonymous browsing with JAP
By Dmitri Popov on September 12, 2007 (9:00:00 AM)

When it comes to anonymous Web access, Tor is not the only fish in the sea. If you are looking for a lightweight utility that allows you to navigate the Web anonymously, JAP is more user-friendly.

Similar to Tor, JAP sends a user's Web page request through multiple intermediary servers called mixes. Unlike Tor, however, JAP uses a predetermined sequence of mixes called a mix cascade. According to JAP's documentation, because each mix cascade handles multiple connections, it's virtually impossible to trace a particular connection to its user. If you are interested in a more detailed description of JAP's inner workings, take a look at the Architecture of the Anonymization Service article on JAP's Web site.

When using JAP, keep in mind that this tool alone can't guarantee 100% anonymity, simply because there are other ways to obtain your IP address -- for example, through cookies or JavaScript scripts. This means that if you want to achieve maximum anonymity, you have to plug other "holes" as well. The good news is that JAP provides detailed information on how to do this (more about it in a moment).

The entire JAP application consists of a single .jar file, so there is nothing to install. Download the latest package from JAP's Web site and you are ready to go. Since JAP is written in Java, you must, however, make sure that the Java Runtime Environment is installed on your machine before you run JAP.

To launch JAP, run the command java -jar JAP.jar in a terminal window. During the first run, JAP evokes a wizard that guides you though the configuration process. The most important configuration step is done outside JAP, though: to make your connection anonymous, you have to configure your browser to talk to JAP instead of accessing the Web directly. Although the JAP wizard can't do it for you, it provides detailed and illustrated explanations of how to do it for the most popular browsers, including Firefox, Opera, and Konqueror. Although configuring your browser is easy enough (all you have to do is to point it to the localhost:4001 proxy), the detailed descriptions ensure that even a non-techie can set up an anonymous connection with minimum effort. Once you've configured the settings as instructed, JAP helps you to test the setup by prompting you to perform several actions. It also provides troubleshooting advices if you run into problems.

The final step is to make sure that your anonymity can't be compromised though other channels. Again, this is something you have to do manually, but JAP provides a comprehensive overview of what needs to be done and how to do it. Besides showing you how to configure cookie settings and turn off Java and JavaScript, JAP also offers a few pointers to useful extensions and tools as well as info on setting up a filter proxy. Unfortunately, the latter covers two dated tools,Proxomitron and Muffin, rather than something more modern like Privoxy.

Once JAP is up and running, you can browse the Web anonymously. You can keep an eye on JAP using its user-friendly interface, with an anonymity gauge that graphically displays your level of protection. Using the GUI you can also choose between different service providers, but you are limited to those that offer their services free of charge. Unlike Tor, there is also a commercial side to JAP. The application was originally created as part of a university research project, and to keep up with the demand and make it commercially viable, JAP has become part of the service called JonDonym. As a subscriber, you get access to more mixed cascades, which can be handy if you use JAP regularly. The service offers several subscriptions; the cheapest one costs €1 (about $1.36) for two months with a 120MB data transfer limit. The most expensive subscription option buys you five months of 5GB data traffic for €25 (about $34). Of course, if you only use JAP occasionally, you can stick to the free service providers. Keep in mind, though, that free providers offer only single mix cascades, which, according to JAP's documentation, are less secure. And of course, you depend on the providers' good will when it comes to service quality and availability.

Finally, there is one important thing you should keep in mind when using JAP, or any other anonymization tool. Using an anonymization tool can significantly reduce your connection speed, since the data you send and receive travels through multiple servers. This is not much of an issue if you view Web pages, but you can forget about watching videos smoothly or downloading large files quickly.

It's difficult to tell whether JAP or Tor offers better anonymity. However, if you are looking for a user-friendly tool that can hold your hand during the entire configuration process and offers clear instructions on how to "anonymize" your browser, then JAP is worth a try.

Dmitri Popov is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in Russian, British, US, German, and Danish computer magazines.

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